Example Integrations

The Ionic Platform provides a Data Protection as a Service solution with context-based entitlements for fine-grained control and protection of different data objects, for both structured and unstructured content, regardless of whether that data is stored in a flat file, a database, on a desktop, a server, a mobile device, or with a cloud provider. In addition, the Ionic Platform provides advanced data analytics, compliance, and data usage visibility to actively manage your data access policies.

To layer this protection, control, and visibility into applications, developers within Ionic, technology partners, customers, or the open-source community can program against Ionic’s open APIs and the APIs or integration points of other technologies.

Ionic prioritizes open APIs and ease for developers as a core principle. To enable that, Ionic has developed example integrations to inspire developers and help jumpstart projects working with the Ionic SDK and APIs described in this documentation.

Integration with Splunk

The Ionic platform provides a wide range of control for logging events related to data protection and control activities. This guide illustrates how to consume and process those events with Splunk.