Platform Overview

The Ionic Platform allows any developer to add high-value security to their application with a few lines of code. With no background in cryptography, you can quickly and confidently add data protection and management to your application that provides:

  • Data encryption using AES-256 CTR or GCM
  • Granular, real-time access control to protected data, using a consistent policy framework across all of your applications.
  • Visibility into all successful and unsuccessful access to protected data, including the full context (requesting user, device, location, application, date and time of day)

Key Management API and SDK

The most important API to understand is the Key Management API, which provides the following key functions:

  • Enrollment – Securely enroll a user/device combination into one or more “keyspaces”, enabling a single application to work with data protected by multiple enterprises or business units.
  • Key Creation – request a new key to be used to protect sensitive data
  • Key Requests – request an existing key for previously protected data

User and Policy Management Overview

An Ionic enabled application is able to protect and consume sensitive data according to policy decisions made in real time by the Policy Engine.


The Analytics service, and associated API, make available details about each policy decision taken around keys. The service also provides details about other important actions, such as enrollment and application policy.