Management API

Ionic’s management API is a collection of REST APIs which perform administrative actions within an Ionic Tenant. They enable the programatic control of the Ionic Policy Service.

Users of these APIs must authenticate with either Bearer/Oauth Authentication using an API key, AWS style MAC Authentication, or Basic Authentication with a username and password. Once a user is authenticated, they will be able to make the API requests that their scope is authorized for.


System for Cross-domain Identity Managment (SCIM) is a standard for user and group management.

Data Markings API

Manage and designate a key metadata attributes and values used by the Ionic Policy Serice to decide which policy to apply to key requests.

Data Policy API

Manage the policies that Ionic reasons over when a key request is made. Sets conditions and context for who and when a key should be granted.

Download API

Pull Ionic transaction logs for audit and anaytics purposes.