Markings API

Data Markings allow developers to associate attributes to the keys that protect application data. These attributes can be used for both data access policy purposes and for analytics purposes.

The Markings RESTful APIs are used to manage markings and values associated with those markings.

The Markings allows management of markings and their associated values. The use of the Marking Values API allows for more performant management of markings with many values, while also providing a simpler way to add, remove, and edit individual marking values without the need to provide the complete state of all values in the body of requests to Update Marking.

The List Markings and Get Marking APIs each support an optional query parameter called valueLimit that may be used and set to ?valueLimit=0 to exclude the values from the responses, which will improve the response time of those APIs. This may be helpful for customers that define hundreds or thousands of values for one or more markings.

NOTE: Management of these resources can be accomplished through either the API or the Ionic dashboard. For instructions on using the dashboard, see the Administrator Console Guide.

Authentication and Authorization

Operations are authorized through the Authorization header and through scopes. See the Authentication and Authorization section.


The following operations are available for the listed endpoints:

Method Endpoint Operation
GET /markings List Markings
GET /markings Get Marking
POST /markings Create New Marking
PUT /markings Update Marking
POST /markings Create or Update Multiple Markings
DELETE /markings Delete Marking
GET /markings/{marking_id}/values List Values
GET /markings/{marking_id}/values Get Value
POST /markings/{marking_id}/values Create New Value
PUT /markings/{marking_id}/values Update Value
DELETE /markings/{marking_id}/values Delete Value