Policy API

Data policies allow developers to create rules for how data can be accessed. The /policies resource is used to administer policies for a tenant. Administrators can perform list, fetch, create, update, and delete actions on policies using these API endpoints.

NOTE: In order to use the Policy APIs to manage Ionic Data Access policies, the administrator should understand how to construct Ionic Policy Markup in JSON. Read the Constructing Policy page for background and instructions.

Base URL


where {api_ionic} is the server location and {tenant_id} is a 24-digit identifier assigned to the Ionic customer tenant.

NOTE: For production, use api.ionic.com for {api_ionic}.

Authentication and Authorization

Operations are authorized through the Authorization header and through scopes. The scopes policies:* are needed for use of these APIs, for example to create policies policies:create is needed. See the Authentication and Authorization section.


The following operations are available for the /policies endpoint:

Method Operation
GET List Policies
GET Fetch Policy
POST Create New Policy
PUT Update Policy
POST Create or Update Multiple Policies
DELETE Delete Policy